ESA, ADS and ANZBMS Webinar

6 November 2017 Assoc Prof Morton Burt - Topic: Diagnosis and Management Options in Growth Hormone Deficiency

11 October 2017 – A/Prof Anthony Russell

26 September 2017 – Professor Emma Duncan - Topic: Osteoporosis in unusual populations – premenopausal women, transplant patients, and osteogenesis imperfecta

6 June2017 - Prof Susan Davies - Prescribing for menopause                     

1 May 2017 - Prof Joseph Proietto- Update on the Management of Obesity

Please find the link below to the recording that has now been published on the College website. Only fellows of the college can access the webinar. https://www.racp.edu.au/fellows/resources/specialty-society-webinar-series/specialty-society-webinars/australian-diabetes-society-australian-and-new-zealand-bone-and-mineral-society-and-endocrine-society-of-australia-webinars